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65th Anniversary Story Book

Welcome! My name is Suzanne Paschall, and our company, Indie Ink Publishing, has been hired to collect the stories and highlights of ASL Paving's history and collect them into what will become a beautiful memory book to help honour your company's 65th Anniversary in 2015. It's a huge task, but one we're honoured to take on.

Before I started Indie Ink in Saskatoon four years ago, I had the pleasure of writing a book called Birth of a Boom: Lives & Legacies of Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs, in which some of the stories of ASL Paving, and in particular Wade Mitchell, John Flood and Ted Greenaway, were shared with a wider audience.

I learned then that the most significant thing making ASL a very special place is you, the employees. So after having talked at length with Don Zopf (my liaison for the project) and Mr. Paslawski and Mr. Mitchell, I asked for permission to set up this web page.

In addition to doing a great deal of research through your unbelievable official and unofficial company archives, working with your historian Ross McGunigal, and doing key interviews with many of the leaders and longest serving employees, as well as some key customers, suppliers and other business and civic leaders, I asked if I could create this page to gather stories from all of you that will relate to specific sections of the book.

To the right you will find a link to a short survey that asks for you to share any stories that relate to some specific aspects of the company - memories of leaders, colleagues, jobs, key events or anything in particular that you remember being proud of.

What we don't want to do is create a book that's boring. Let's face it, most corporate history books are! That's why we want to focus on stories, good stories. Real stories. So some of them might be funny, some sad, some showing success; but some showing failure. (Paraphrasing of my favourite quotes: "We don't learn and grow from our successes; we do so from our failures, and what we do with them.")

Human stories are fascinating - and real history is made up of all kinds of human stories, not just the ones wrapped up in shiny paper with bows on top. So if you have some of those stories that you think are relevant and important, feel free to share some of the not-so-pretty stuff as well. Please understand that by sharing your story via this survey tool, you are consenting to have your story used in the book.

If you wish, you may choose anonymity for your published story, but only if you feel you must. And you will still need to sign your name to it for my use, since I may need to fact-check information with you if we choose to use it. Stories are much more meaningful when people know their source. so we will only use an anonymous story if it's just too wonderful to pass up and we can't convince you to own it.

I look forward to reading your stories!

Email: suzanne@indieinkpublishing.com

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